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[Category : - Fishing and hunting- Boating- Advertising methods]
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Methods and devices for securing an antenna or similar device to a structure to inhibit undesirable movement when stowed or folded for travel. A truss having a mount and a plug can be used to secure an antenna to a structure, in particular a rod holder of a boat. A truss can be used to secure the antenna and prevent undesirable contact with other structures. Particular embodiments can be configured to accommodate antennas that, when stowed, are not located near a structure.
In a specific iteration the invention is a T-shaped support that can be secured inside a fishing rod holder. The top of the T can secure a lowered, horizontal antenna to the rod holder.
Tags: antenna, support, rod holder, advertisement, trailer, fiberglass,

Financial information

Almost every boat with a motor also has a VHS radio that requires an antenna. That's millions of boats.

We have a prototype on our boat and have received numerous inquiries about the device from other boaters whenever we show up at the ramp. So we know there is interest and a use for the device. One option to consider is giving these devices away as an accessory with antennas. They could also be used as an advertising mechanism for companies in the boating and antenna industry.

We are most interested in selling the patent, but would not reject a licensing offer.