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Floatable collection receptacle

[Category : - Agriculture- Camping and Outdoors - Fishing and hunting]
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An aquatic collection receptacle that floats while remaining attached to a diver. Embodiments can include floatable rim with an attached underwater container. Further embodiments include an escape barrier or crossing lines over the mouth of the receptacle to prevent loss of contents while floating. A lanyard connects the receptacle to a diver, allowing it to float and be pulled along by the diver. If pulled beneath the water surface by the lanyard, the floatable rim can fold or otherwise close over the mouth of the container to prevent loss of contents. Alternative embodiments include a breakaway lanyard to ensure safety of the diver.
Essentially the subject invention provides a floating net or bag with a rim that comprises at least two sections. The sections keep the net open when floating. If the net is submerged, the sections come together or close the top of the net. This prevents the collected specimens (fish, clams, scallops, lobsters, shrimp) from escaping. There is also an escape or protection barrier across the upper end of the device that additionally prevents specimens from escaping. The device can be useful for collecting, keeping live bait, keeping live specimens, and scientific research,
Tag words: net, basket, secure, collection, science, fish, clams, scallops, flow, collapsible, folding, section, close

Financial information

The device is proven to be beneficial in scallop collecting, which is a multimillion dollar recreational industry that takes place every year on the Gulf Coast of Florida USA. Thousands of people participate in scallop season every year. Most carry a little net bag in their hand as they swim and find the little bivalves in sea grass.
The following link is to a paper published by the University of Florida that details the economic survey taken one County during scallop season in 2021


We have received interest in the device from an invention promotion company in S. Florida. We are most interested in selling the patent, but would consider a licensing offer..

There is a related patent directed to a safety lanyard that can be used with the device. US Patent 9,463,902.