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[Category : - HUMAN NECESSITIES- Toys and games- Camping and Outdoors ]
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A collapsible support stand is disclosed. The support stand includes a first support section and a second support section. The first support section includes a first side frame and a plurality of first bars extending perpendicularly from the first side frame. The second support section includes a second side frame parallel to the first side frame, a first centre frame defining a plurality of holes, and a plurality of second bars extending between the second side frame and the first centre frame, wherein axial movement of the plurality of first bars through the plurality of holes moves the first support section between an extended position and a retracted position relative to the second support section. The support stand includes a pair of first foldable legs connected to the first side frame and a pair of second foldable legs connected to the second side frame.

We are currently applying our patent to our unique Ultra Portable Compact Lightweight Camping Grill named BITTY BIG Q. It is likely the most portable camping grill out there with true ONE piece design. With only 2 years on the market we received rave reviews from our customers and loved by many outdoor lovers all over the world.

*Our patent is NOT limited to camping grill. It can be applied to many different other products to save storage space or during transportation.

Financial information

We are looking to sell or license our patent and/or our BITTY BIG Q camping grill business all together.

BITTY BIG Q has an US Trademark granted. Canada and Japan applied.

The BITTY BIG Q grill business has been growing year after year. At the moment, this year (Dec. 2021) we have been up more than 55% than last year.