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[Category : - Audio - Video]
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A portable multimedia device includes: An enclosure; a wireless communication element enclosed within the enclosure, the wireless communication element able to receive audio data from a mobile device; a pair of speakers enclosed within the enclosure that are able to generate an audio output based on the audio data received from the mobile device or directly from the head units internal radio and its external antenna; and a set of external connection ports. Also within the enclosure; a battery pack charger board, able to charge the battery pack converted from household power, which sends the electricity necessary to power the head unit and speakers. A light on the charger. Attached to the multimedia device casing is are a pair of mobile device holders able to hold 2 mobile phones or a 10 inch tablet. Instead of needing to buy a tablet holder separate, this is included on the boombox. Without needing extra separate speakers, this one includes the ultra highs and good lows with co-axial style speakers. Multimedia devices generally do not combine a strong enough LED light to work as a night-light. The chargers L.E.D light is visible through a transparent box base. The head unit comprises a mobile phone "hot button" and has a loudness superior to other multimedia devices on the market to be able to hear your phone ring while power tools are in operation for example, on construction job sites. This is a multimedia device that reduces materials needed (in the casing) in order to receive the same powerful sounds and features of larger systems and as a result, it only weighs 4 pounds. A carry handle antennae allows you to both carry the device while increasing reception through your body. The powerful charger allows to you top up your battery in 1 hour while playing it at full volume for up to 2 hours. On low, it is capable of 12 hours operation time on a single battery cycle.