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Prevention from sexual RAPE/abuse - Wearable underwear device

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There is more and more sexual attack, rape and violence in Europe and in the whole world recently. This device helps to prevent rape by wearing it on the body as an uncuttable underwear. It can be locked, so the attacker will not be able to penetrate into the sexual organ or in the anus. I am a Sexual Therapist, listening sexual violence problems often. My homepage is: Link There are many years, even decades that victims have been suffering after a sexual abuse. My invention, the uncuttable, lockable pants device is also served as a rehabilitation tool: rape survivors do not dare going out anymore fearing of a next possible sexual attack. Wearing this locked underwear they will feel safe. This can be used in sex therapy, psychotherapy for those suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome). It is also a self discipline method: The key of the lock can be hidden or given to a third party thus this device helps those who suffer in porn addiction, masturbation addiction, as without opening the lock they cannot touch themselves. As a supplement, you can read my book on how to handle porn addiction and how to succeed at nofap: Link You can get to know me better by my youtube channel Link which is in Hungarian and its mainly about erection, erectile dysfunction and pornography addiction. In my invention against rape there is a lockable zipper which enables to urinate. It's possible to sleep in the device.

Financial information

I am selling the licence with royalties. I will help you with all my Sexual Therapist knowledge in case you need. I can travel and give lectures on sexual rape and abuse in English or Italian or Hungarian language. I can publish or help you writing articles in the sexual rape/ abuse/ violence topic for marketing purpose - in case you need.
I have worked on this invention for 4 years, so it is very important for me to settle it to the right place. It has been under protection. This is my first (and last) invention, even though I am full of ideas on how to improve sexual life. But it's too much work with invention process :-) which I would not restart again.
So this invention is kinda "my child". I care for it very much. I wanna sell it to a good person with good heart who really wanna help in this harsh, hard and sad issue.
Let's stop rape!

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