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Heat pump’s multi stage compression method.

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Heat pump’s multi stage compression [12?][14?][16?] method is referring to a heat pump where in every compression stage [12?][14?] except the higher pressure one [16?], and in particular between two consecutive compressions [12?][14?]&[14?][16?], two or more refrigerant flows that have different properties are mixed [13?][15?] and only one of them is compressed [12?][14?] to the mix pressure. The process of compression is one stage higher than the process of mixing.

Heat pumps that do not utilize conventional multistage compression are well known.
At these heat pumps, high evaporator temperatures and lower heat stress (temperature) of the compressors are achieved compared to one-stage compression. But the use of conventional multi-stage compression
• Does not achieve the maximum possible efficiency (COP) due to the temperature difference in order for the stages to exchange heat between them.
• It is hard to support cooling mode due to the existence of different circuits (as many as the stages).

Heat pump’s multi stage compression method is characterized by that
• the refrigerant flow exiting condensation [2?], at least once
o is cooled [4a?][7a?]
o expanded [5?][8?]
o and split [6?][9?]
• at least one, all or a portion of it, of the flows that are split [6?][9?] and are not heading towards evaporation [11?] is heated [4b?][7b?] by the directly previous cooled [4a?][7a?] flow
• subsequently the heated flow [4b?][7b?] is mixed [13?][15?] with all of it or a portion of the remaining refrigerant flow that has been compressed [12?][14?] to a similar pressure and all or a part of it has undergone evaporation [12?] earlier
• finally the mix is compressed [14?][16?].

Advantages of the current invention compared to conventional multi stage compression are that
• It achieves better performance
• It requires smaller installed compressors power and significantly smaller internal (refrigerant) heat exchangers size which mean smaller cost,
• It can easily support cooling mode by the use of two reversing valves [1][3] because it consists of just one circuit.

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