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Fascia saver device and system

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A facia saving gutter system comprising a gutter attached to a building, a fastener passing through the gutter and into the building, a ferule around the fastener and a fascia saver around the ferrule and contacting the back wall of the gutter to prevent water from seeping down the ferule, through a fastener hole in the back wall of the gutter and into a gap between the gutter and the building. The fascia saver has a truncated cone body of elastic material with a center cavity through the truncated cone body along a longitudinal axis of the truncated cone body, the truncated cone body with a longitudinal slit through the truncated cone body.

The Fascia Saver helps prevent rain water from running down the gutter ferrule and thru the hole in the back of the gutter that the angled gutter nail made.

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