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360 Degree Awning

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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The 360 degree awning is a means in which an awning can be erected without manual input to fold the awning sheet as it is required on all other 180 or 270 degree awnings. In doing so it opens up new possibilities of mounting an awning in high or hard to reach places. like van roofs. With the ability of an electric or manual screw type operation the awning can be pushed and pulled into the main housing causing effortless sun shade in seconds.. the 360 awning is also ideal for rear coverage of any motor vehicle as the erection motion is linear and best suited to the longer lengths of the vehicle. This system would work great for service bodies of trucks where much of the work is performed off of the tailgate or Race trailers where dirt bikes are pitted off the back of the trailer. The 360 awning can also be incorporated or work along side a traditional awning to provide a larger coverage area to facilitate any need.

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