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kit for transferring a car engine to water

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - RENEWABLE ENERGY- Motors]
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Any car can be refueled with water instead of gasoline! and he will drive not worse, but even better than before! You just need to install an engine upgrade kit developed by our Company on the car! And then, to go, you just pour water into the fuel tank (not special, but simple, - yes, even rain). And your car will travel 350 miles on 10 gallons of water!
The kit was developed in Russia, has the corresponding patents and certificates. The production of the kits will be located partly in Russia, partly in China.

Financial information

The price of one set for North America is set at $2,500. For the North American market (USA and Canada), a limit of kits has been allocated for delivery from November 2022 and for 2023 - no more than 50,000 kits. It is possible to pre-order a set - from among the first 10,000 sets - a discount for pre-order is $ 750, the booking price is $ 100. The price of booking a pre-order for any of the remaining 40,000 sets is $10.
We are ready to cooperate with dealers (we pay 10% for each kit actually paid and received by the customer, as well as 5% of the amounts received for pre-order), as well as with wholesalers who are ready to buy both the entire delivery volume and part of it, in this case the discount will be 30% of the batch price.

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