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The social and economic environmental effects of a civilization, which uses hydrocarbons and other fossil fuels as its main energy source, are now sadly known, the transition to a green economy has now become urgent, even recently with the G20 in Rome and the Cop26 of Glasgow, all the major players on the world stage agree on this need. The only negative aspect of these meetings is the programmatic slowness with which to get to the point. And if ... it were possible to achieve these objectives immediately, bringing into the operational phase an existing simple patent (which I have already partially developed over the years, with non-existent resources), for the realization of green hydrogen, some states and / or large industrial and / or private groups, do you think that with the philanthropic goal of saving the planet and the cheaper one of a huge economic return this could be a more than valid reason to invest? Italian patent: WO2010070698 (A1) Link International patent application: Link The DISSOCIATOR allows / facilitates the transition to new energy sources, more compatible with the ecosystem. Furthermore, the DISSOCIATOR is easy to make and does not require particular technologies and / or large industrial settlements. The DISSOCIATOR, due to its conformation, has characteristics such as to be considerably more performing, and, with a reduced size, compared to "traditional" models, made with opposing flat lamellar surfaces or concentric tubes, which are now all without any patent protection , for the production of Gas known as HHO, which can be used industrially to replace traditional fuels.

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