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Extended Home Backup Power During Power Outage

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A system and methods for controlling the supply and distribution of backup electrical power determine when backup power is needed and allocates available backup power among connected devices in a power outage. Batteries may be used as an energy storage subsystem, and may backup a home heating plant and other devices based on a dual set of user-established priorities that may change during power blackouts and brownouts as the amount of stored energy decreases.

Financial information

I believe this product will open up a $100M market for residential battery backup systems that are much more affordable than systems like the PowerWall Because it can be provided with a small footprint, the system can be used by condo-owners, apartment dwellers and others who are concerned about the devastating effects of extended power outages.

We would prefer to sell this patent outright to an existing company in the power backup business or to an engineer/businessperson who is a cashed-out entrepreneur looking for an exciting new venture.

We also have a very distinctive and marketable product name (PowerMaestro) and own the associated domain name, Both could be included in the deal.