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[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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A system for generating virtual objects, including personalized avatars. The system comprises modules for acquiring a plurality of series of bi-dimensional images, deriving point clouds and point cloud three-dimensional models therefrom and generating a global point cloud three-dimensional model by computing a weighted average.

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The described methods target on using catalogue of predefined 3D point cloud objects and modifying the generic model by a series of circumferential photography to obtain 3D model of a specific object. The corrective algorithm approach is faster and more efficient than traditional methods. The focus is on individual 3D models, or avatar, with real morphological data for virtual dressing room application. Also described is the use of close-fitted clothes with motifs to accelerate positioning and dimensioning of individual photography on the avatar, and avoid nudity of the subject. Several other embodiments are described.

Technical summary
The claimed method consists in correcting a generic 3D point cloud model of an object using properties included in a series of 2D scans, including photography, of a specific object to obtain accurate individual object 3D representation. Derivative claims include, among others, using the method to create human avatar with proper morphologic dimension, using this avatar for virtual dressing room application and dressing subject in close-fitted clothes with motifs to avoid nudity and ease dimensioning.