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[Category : - HEALTH]
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A steam therapy equipment including a vessel for heating a mixture of water and organic materials, a compressor to inject pressurized air into the vessel producing pressurized steam. The pressurized steam is conducted into the equipment via one or more valves. The therapy equipment is formed from at least one panel and may include a supporting frame. The therapy equipment includes a temperature sensor to measure the temperature inside the therapy equipment when pressurized steam is admitted via the valves. This is called -STEAMOTHERAPY: full body immersion medical equipment that a patient enters, and is exposed to pressurized steam containing herbal compounds, causing dilation of the skin pores of the patient, whereby toxins are removed from the patient through enhanced perspiration/sweating, for improving health and wellness. Note: 1) It has goggle steam applicator to administer herbal compounds to treat refractive errors of the eye 2) STEAMULIZER: A mask steam applicator to administer herbal medication through the airways to the lungs for patients that are suffering from diseases of the airways. 3) It also has a funnel steam applicator to administer herbal compounds to targeted areas of the body.