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¹Bath and ²Water in any situation.

[Category : - Cleaning devices]
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1. If in any situation such as travel, camping, mountaineering and outdoor work such as archeology and mining, it is undoubtedly very efficient and puts people in much better conditions in difficult conditions and outdoors.rn 2. In the same conditions as mentioned earlier, it makes cleaning very simple and easy, the most important of which is washing the hands, toilet and bathroom.rn 3. One of the best uses is for situations that occur after earthquakes, floods, storms, etc.

Financial information

When such appliances can be made easily and with the lowest cost and cheapest raw materials, so such a toilet and bathroom is much, much cheaper than mobile and heavy toilets, which of course is easy and because it is portable much more cheaper and so it is much more useful because of its ease of transportation and use of all other similar devices.

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