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Floating Solar using Old Tires as Floatation and Primary Structure

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Around the world, as land is increasingly becoming a scarce resource, we may look to the sea for additional space to support human activities. Cutting of vegetation to support human activities is harmful for the environment and animal habitat. One such activity is the generation of clean energy, for which deforestation is a rampant problem. Another major problem in our society is the discarding, recycling or burning of used tires; there is a large excess of used tires and very few means to reuse them in a clean manner.

The present invention solves those two issues by giving life to old tires by making them into the primary floatation and rigidity structures for solar energy. Instead of painstakingly building the solar floatation system, use an abundant available resource like used tires! Tires are not always good floatation devices, but my invention has an optional simple unique step that makes it an excellent floatation systems, and very hard (impossible) to circumvent without excessive redesign.

See "Technology and Environmental Impact Summary": Link

Although more study is needed, preliminary analysis show minimal microplastic shedding compared to dumping/driving. Tires rot at high sun exposure, coupled with dry and hot conditions, whereas in this application, they are kept cool, shaded from the sun and wet, thus minimizing shedding rate!

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Licensing deals:

- Upfront fee of USD $2,000-$10,000 depending on region,
- Royalty of 5% of revenue after 1 year of operation.
- If grant fails (unlikely given our searches), royalties end.

Post Grant:
- Upfront fee of $20,000-$100,000 depending on region,
- Royalty of 5% after 1 year.

We already have interest in the United States for an exclusive license, additionally we have interest in some regions of Africa. This patent will go through a PCT to attain maximal global coverage. Be the exclusive host of this technology in your region, country or even continent!

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