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Structural Sheet Spur

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment]
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What is a Structural Sheet Spur?
The sheet spur is a small steel point affixed to the bottom and within the interconnecting joint of a driven sheet for the purpose of maintaining joint integrity and alignment. Additionally, if so desired, the spur can be used as an injection port to fill the cavity created directly adjacent to and within the joint with a joint sealing product of choice simultaneously during placement.

How Does It Work?
The sheet spur can be attached to the sheet end with an adhesive product or weld and is available with various sheet joint configurations. With the spur in place and the first point of contact beneath the sheet joint, cobbles and boulders (most often the point and cause for sheet deflection) are deflected or fractured, all while protecting the interlocking joint’s integrity. Dependent upon site conditions, product selection, or sheeting, spur design modifications are easily adaptable as needed. Should it be deemed beneficial, additional mid-sheet spurs can be installed at the base of each sheet, solely to displace or fracture cobbles.

If water cutoff between the interconnecting joints is sought, a variety of products can be introduced through the sheet spur via a grout line connected to a pump at the surface. As the sheets are advanced, a sealant is pumped through the line and spur, filling and lubricating the interconnecting joint.

Where To Use It?
The sheet spur is uniquely suited for sites where there is an abundance of cobbles and boulders whose presence is responsible for sheet damage and deflection. In those instances where it is necessary to control contaminant migration or soil loss between the sheets, utilizing the grout spur to simultaneously drive and fill the joints is a fast, cost-effective, and permanent solution.