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Electromechanical speed multiplier for wind turbines

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The concept :
A speed acquisition process for a wind generator, as a substitute for the Mechanical Speed Multiplier; the latter has drawbacks: excessive weight making the nacelle heavier and occupying space, high acquisition, operating and maintenance costs.
Figure 1 shows a non-exclusive way of carrying out the process; a conventional generator (6) is mounted directly on the slow shaft (1) of the propeller, and therefore rotates at the same speed; its rotor, coupled to the electric motor (11), rotates in the opposite direction at higher speed. The generator used has undergone some modifications to be compatible: addition of the collector (7), adaptations (3) for assembly. As a result, the stator and the rotor rotate in opposite directions; the nominal speed of the generator is therefore the sum of the two speeds of rotation; the power drawn by the engine (11) is recycled. The process is intended to replace the mechanical speed multiplier.
The downside of adding a collector to the stator is relative, considering its low speed of rotation.

Financial information

I give you 60% of the rights if you develop a prototype in a scale model and demonstrate the relevance of this innovation: I keep 40% and an advance of $ 5,000.

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