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Simple control device, by plastic micro-tube, and without cable

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ObjectrnIt is a method of transmitting a logic signal or a command by a non-electrical means and therefore without cables.rnThe process uses a plastic mini duct filled with either air for short distances or any incompressible and dielectric liquid, depending on the application and the distance. The process is intended to be used ideally, but not exclusively, within a perimeter of a few tens of meters.rnrnPrinciplernThe process includes 2 mini-pistons (1, 2), one transmitter and the other receiver connected by a micro-tube, with an internal diameter of 1mm (3); an action on the mini-piston (1) causes a reaction of the micro-piston (2) which closes its microswitch (8).rnThe mini-piston (1) can be actuated by a BP, by the limit switch of a production line, or any mechanical movement to be transmitted.rnrnFunctioningrnThe microswitch (8) can be used for many applications.rnrnApplicationsrn- In production lines using many position or limit switch contacts.rn- In factories and storages of flammable chemicalsrn- In any area where an electrical spark is prohibitedrn- ATEX zones or Explosive Atmospheresrn- Possibly on boats, planesrn- In general all simple universal commandsrnrnAdvantagesrn- Saving of electric cables, simplification of signals, lightening of supports… etc.

Financial information

Objective: compete with copper / aluminum cable: an industry to be promoted without difficulty
Sale: $ 100,000

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