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Reveal Edge Tile Cutting Apparatus

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Tools]
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In the United States, over 1.6 billion square feet of wet felt ceiling tiles (acoustic ceiling tiles / drop ceilings) are installed every year in office buildings, hospitals, schools, airports, commercial spaces and homes.
Cuts must be made to account for lighting and room perimeters, equating to about 188 million cut tiles per year.
That means that on average in the USA, a minimum of 700,000 tiles are cut EVERY DAY. And there is no quick, easy way to do it.

In order to cut ceiling tiles to a certain quality standard, allowing for a reveal edge or around light fixtures, a highly skilled installer must do the cutting. The process involves a rudimentary utility knife and a series of measurements, often forcing the installer to go up and down a ladder or scaffold countless times to ensure each tile is cut to the correct measurements. The process is time-consuming, results in waste from mis-measurements and cutting errors, and often results in injuries from utility blades.

EZZ CUTS Workstation is a precision tool with a multi-functioning pivoting handle. The EZZ CUTS Workstation allows you to work by yourself and get a straight precision cut that you cannot get using a square and a handheld utility knife for many types of tile.

The Multi-functional pivoting handle as well as the reveal edge cutter work on x-technology tiles, fiberglass tiles, cast mineral tiles and most water felted mineral fiber tiles. The custom blades can do hundreds of cuts without changing the blade depending on the makeup of the tile.

The EZZ CUTS Workstation - The New Cutter King - is an all in one Acoustical tile reveal edge cutter with custom blades.

Financial information

The founder was interested in finding the right purchaser that had the capability and resources to properly grow the distribution of EZZ CUTS WORKSTATION and EZZ CUTS PROPRIETARY CUSTOM BLADES Nationally and Globally.

After extensive research with all of the major hand tool manufacturers internationally EZZ CUTS LLC entered into a favorable patent license agreement with large tool manufacturer in 2020.

After several modifications the product is ready for mass production and will be sold globally beginning in early 2022.
Once the distribution channels and sales ramp up the founder anticipates the sales will generate a Royalty stream of $2.5 to $5MM a year for a approximately 20 years.

The founder is looking to sell the patent, the license and the revenue stream and retire.
In addition to the workstation and the blades there are additional potential related products and revenue streams.
Contact us to speak with the founder!