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Bacterial Metabolic Rate Detector

[Category : - Agriculture- HEALTH- DESIGN PATENTS]
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The present invention relates to a device for detection of metabolic rate of aerobic bacterial culture wherein four microbial fuel cells used for testing the all type of liquid media for presence of contamination. Herein anode and cathode chambers are fixed with the salt bridge in between then and holes of both the assemblies are facing towards the membrane to act as ion exchange which is joined by adhesive, the four assemblies are also fixed with each in lateral position. The electrodes are added with caps to the assemblies. all the four cathode chambers are capped and single needle is added vertically to all four of them which will as as electrode and in anode compartments, the steel mesh electrode is added then all four of the anode chambers are capped.

Financial information

It has major financial markets in medical microbiology, quality control microbiology, quick disposable device for studying bacterial growth

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