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Car seat cooler. Baby seat cooler. Infant seat cooler.

[Category : - Baby products]
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This is the solution for combating excessive heat radiating from a car seat during the hot days of summer. The outcome of the adaptor "Breezation" has proven to prevent discomfort in children when in a car seat, dissipating the heat and sweat attributed to the heavy padded material and restraints within a child safety seat. A parked car in the summer months can reach upwards of 170 degrees Fahrenheit an infant/child being placed into those conditions adds the risk of heatstroke, second degree burn, and discomfort.
While recent car seats show improvements for both the safety and comfort of the child occupant, the car seat can still become uncomfortable for the child during a long drive. On a car trip which requires more time in the vehicle, restriction of the car seat’s straps restrict movement so as to force the child to sit in substantially the same position for long periods of time, which generates heat and discomfort. The padding of a car seat can contribute to this heat discomfort, especially over these long drives. While modern vehicles usually have built-in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) capabilities, the car seat’s proper installation position is usually far away from the vehicle’s vents, and there are currently no ways to exploit the vehicle’s cooling system to cool an existing child’s car seat. Thus, there has been a long felt need for a child car seat having a device to provide cooling and/or heating to the car seat using the vehicle’s existing HVAC capabilities.

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