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Hello everyone.
For those like me who love research, knowledge and intuitions applied to human well-being and
health, together with the study of technical and scientific problems in general; to work means to
elaborate solutions applicable to concrete problems.
One of the problems that has always afflicted at least 35 out of 100 people on the entire planet is
premature hair loss.
If you who are reading this are one of those 35 out of 100 people, you will immediately understand
what it means to find yourself in full adolescence with an unstoppable effluvium telogens and a
consequent devastating effect on a hair that was wonderful a few days before.
For many the effluvium began with flakes of dandruff, for others with excessive greasiness of the
hair, for still others the massive fall took place with these two distinctive elements combined and
combined with sensations of burning itching bad smell sense of dirt of the scalp, except with real
forms of dry seborrheic or furfuraceous dermatitis.
However it happened, if you are one of those 35 people who have gone through this biophysical
disaster, with serious psychological repercussions or if you are still under the effect of this attack of
destiny, that your trusted dermatologist, to gild the the pill of impotence, of official science, in
finding a method of healing, attributes to hereditary genetics and enriches, to play down, of
characteristics connected to a superior virility and masculinity; then I said, if you are one of these
people, I would have wonderful news for you.
Do you want to meet her? I think so. Here, the news is this: "I HAVE DISCOVERED AN
ZERO COST THE Dreaded Baldness.
As you will imagine, every good news is always associated with some less good news. But in this
case, the less good news isn't as bad as you might fear.
For my discovery I want a reward.
I think my request is fair and not excessive, since I would consider a few Dollars (Euros) sufficient
for each person who wants to benefit from it.
What is the problem you will say? Here is the problem is this, which is not an isolated problem, but
a cluster of problems, inherent in all the ideas that need to be properly marketed to be disclosed.
There are people and companies, who make money by selling products of low effectiveness, there
are other subjects, who advertise products of similar or lower effectiveness to that of companies.
Then we find beauty institutes, transplant clinics and bio-chemical and energy treatments and a
bunch of other people and organizations, which for decades, and currently, have been making
enormous profits, carrying out perfectly legitimate, but not very effective, activities for the
treatment. and the prevention of human baldness.
The method that I discovered, after long years of research and personal experimentation, passing
through the study of the 5 alpha reductase of androgens, with its competitive inhibition through
topical applications of progesterone in hydroalcoholic solution and then of piperidino pyrimidine or
minoxidil, in the its alternative use to the treatment of hypertension, as a peripheral dilator vessel,
or, through the infamous applications, of finasteride, which mortifies the testicular androgenic
hormonal endowment and in cases of prostatic hypertrophy, is used without, even in this case, act
on the true etiopathogenetic nature of the disease (I am talking about both the enlarged propstata
and the hair loss) not to mention the strengthened version of finasteride, that is dutasteride, or that
only apparently sweetened and considered natural, of these drugs, that is the Serenoa Repens
(Palmetto Saw).
There are even those who have tried and tested hormonal treatments, venturing towards horizons of
unqualifiable loss of sexual identity. Then, we would have to list the various preparations based on
vitamins and mineral salts, up to the miraculous alchemical lotions, which promise to solve the
problem without explaining its nature. All the actors who revolve around this huge planetary
problem, would like to offer you some truly miraculous cure, but they cannot answer the simplest
question, which is: what causes baldness? How can you solve a problem without knowing where it
comes from? So here is the first consideration I wanted to make, before moving on to the next step.
What causes baldness?
In short, of all that has been tried and that is still used today (apart from the disgusting wigs)
progesterone is perhaps the least dangerous remedy, which offers albeit modest but visible results.
However, even topical progesterone is not the solution I have found.
How did I discover the method I would like to share with you now?
Thinking incessantly about what had escaped and still escapes all researchers on the planet on the
pathology of baldness, or if you prefer alopecia or the Celsi area, in short, on non-physiological hair
When I was about to resign myself, after over thirty years of tests, studies, research and very small
positive results, not to enumerate a long and concatenated series of failures. When my hair was
almost destined to remain a nostalgic memory; finally the decisive idea has arrived. Simple,
surprising, inexpensive and immediately effective, from an application point of view.
I say from an applicative point of view, because the real idea, the winning one, on the centuries-old
drama of baldness, consisted in understanding the reason for its occurrence.
At first, like everyone else, when they find the solution, for some apparently unsolvable problem, I
wondered, why no one had thought of it before.
Indeed, the solution is so simple as to be disconcerted, to see that for decades, if not even centuries,
many have turned around the problem, trying to solve it but without understanding its origin.
I'll give you an example. Suppose you see water coming out of a wall of your home.
What would you do? I think you would immediately try to understand where the water comes from,
whether from some broken pipe, hidden inside the wall, or from a capillary rise ... well ... you
would not simply start drying the water with rags, even setting up cumulative barriers, to absorb it
without however repairing the fault, or worse still you would not close the main tap (if not
temporarily) giving up to benefit from running water in your home.
Here, for baldness, it has been happening for years that those who say they are studying the
problem, offer you palliative but not decisive solutions.
Extremely expensive products, which do not stop hair loss, but slow it down slightly, simply
postponing the definitive status of "bald" by a few months (and in the most fortunate cases by a few
Or transplants and auto transplants, transfusions and auto transfusions, aimed at "curing" a disease
that does not exist, or at least that is not the one that causes baldness.
Having said that, now I could explain everything to you in a few lines and provide the solution to
your problem.
You would understand that what I am arguing is logical and reasonable and consequently, you
would begin to remedy what ails you, recovering your beautiful hair in a reasonable time.
So, I wrote I could, because given the commitment dedicated for decades to the search for this
fantastic solution, I think I am entitled to a reward, as I wrote previously.
Since the anti-baldness method would cost a few euros a year (maybe ten or twenty, at most fifty a
year, mind you and not for each bottle of treatment, or for each session by the specialist) once
revealed, you would solve the problem and you would forget me, without even dreaming of
thanking me, for what I have revealed to you.

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