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Your Mask Custom, sanitizable, reusable.

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The purpose of this site is to demonstrate the potential of the utility patent application (filing N ° 202021000000998), entitled Reusable customizable over mask.

More than a year has now passed since the beginning of the global pandemic, and the use of both surgical masks, and fpp2 in particular, (as they are safer in contrasting the Virus) has become current and in some cases and in some countries , use is mandatory. In their being all the same, they have deprived the wearer of the sense of individuality. The over mask that we intend to make is composed of a light frame that adapts to the shape of the fpp2 shell or surgical mask. The frame has two areas: a smaller upper one in which you can insert text or a mini logo, in the lower part of greater surface you can insert a logo or text of your choice.

Financial information

Italian utility patent application N ° 202021000000998 entitled: Reusable customizable over mask.
The patent application is for sale, or licensed with royalties.
The cost of making a single piece with 3D printing is about 8 euro cents.
With industrial production, including bending and top heat sealing, and packaging, the cost per piece is estimated to be around 5 Euro cents.
Assuming a retail price of around 5 Euros, the profit margin is high.
At present, the Covid 19 epidemic foresees, despite the vaccination campaign in progress, at least another two years of health emergency, therefore the use of masks will be extended.
The overlay, as you can guess from the attached photos, is highly customizable, and can also be used as an advertising promotion.
The area of ??possible customers is equal to anyone who wears a mask (and wants to get out of anonymity), billions of people.
For more information and how-to videos, visit the website: Link

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