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Interconvertible Board - Learning Board, Ludo & Crosswords

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Toy - Educational (Patented - Pending, not published): Available For Sale At $5,00,000 Till 30 Sep. 2021.

Toy with 3 boards - interconvertible boards that could be used as Ludo, Crosswords and as a Learning board.

The manufacturing is simple and we could have dimensions of chess board for example and such that these boards can be interlocked to extent the board size. It could serve for explanation, for puzzles, increasing complexity in competitive exams.

Also, we need the alphabets in small case and capital case, numbers, special characters, mathematical operators as the very basic and preferably in triplicates. We can add additionally symbols and trignometry functions as well based on the complexity. More details about manufacturing could be provided.

Provided is a pictorial representation of the toy and not the actual toy.

The Learning board, Ludo game and Crosswords are to improve the mathematical skills and also to be used as a puzzle tool. Ludo could be oriented around the child's ability to solve math or puzzles rather than rolling a dice as in the regular Ludo games. The Learning board could be extendable providing space for writing bigger equations. 

The length of the row (we have extendable boards) is the size of the math problem / equation and the number of rows provided are to solve the math problem or question with explanation of how the problem is solved. The board could be used for lower standards and higher standards as well. We could use the boards to teach even alphabets and words. 

There would be a booklet of math problems from lower to higher standards mentioning about the problems and concepts that could be explained with the learning board. There is a puzzle book as well which is word based and math problem based to be used in Crosswords, Ludo game. 

Each of these could be an independent board or a convertible board.

In the Learning board, the Numbers, Alphabets and Math operators stand on the board with a ball bearing at the base and in the case of Crosswords and Ludo, the cap with the number, alphabet or math operators printed on it is fitted into the sockets on the board. The board is inter-convertible and could be used as a Learning board, Crossword and Ludo game. 

We also have a virtual game.

Financial information

The toy or Educational game could be used starting from kindergarten to higher levels and even for competitive exams.

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