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[Category : - HEALTH- Fitness]
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The tactile feedback shoe sole is meant to be an inexpensive method for athletes to correct their running or walking form and prevent injury.

Recent studies have found that between 35-55% of runners are injured every year, providing a significant need to adjust gait and correct form. This correction can be awkward and might require oversight from an orthopedist, which can also be expensive.

The tactile feedback shoe sole provides a method for athletes to make this correction at home. As an example, the traditional heel-strike gait puts enormous stress on the runner's entire body, and so it is often useful to transition to a forefoot running technique. The tactile feedback shoe sole provides the runner with an indication of where their form is degrading and where they need to focus their attention.

With proper form, the athlete feels no difference from a normal shoe. As form degrades, the athlete will feel small bumps in the area they need to correct.