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Frost Protection for Agricultural Crops & Exposed Fresh Concrete

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Agriculture- Lawn and Garden]
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Frost Protection for Agricultural Crops & Exposed Fresh Concrete
A biodegradable ‘Spray Foam’ that protects frost sensitive surfaces' such as fresh poured concrete or fruit orchards, down to the private home garden. Once sprayed this foam develops a crust (like that of a pie meringue) The foam can be sprayed to cover 'cost effectively' acres in just minutes. The Foam is Light in weight, dissolving in as little as 12 hours, lasting up to 48 hrs. (depending on the mix). Natural bio-stimulants can be added to the mix for added protection on many crops.
Fresh Poured concrete - The advantages are numerous; the Spray Foam can be applied from a distance so travel over the fresh poured uncured "soft"' concrete is avoided - approximately 2" thick which can trap fleeting heat, insulating the surface. This foam has been found to be far more effective than a fabric frost blanket.
Agriculture protection, from southern citrus to northern fruit orchards to vineyards - The foam is sprayed up into the air and allowed to settle on the surface of the plant (like snow) creating an umbrella shaped protective dome covering trapping rising ground heat.
(Patent Pending) by; Bleu Goo

Financial information

Each Year billions of dollars are lost to Frost And freezes,
Damage to agriculture in a single season can exceed Billions of $, for citrus cops, northern fruit orchards or even vineyards in the western USA by frost and freeze. See photo of damaged 'Vineyard'
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Citrus Industry, Apples Growers, Ground Crops even The Concrete Industry spends Millions on additives to resist freezing and frost damage.
Additionally, the private industry of home Gardens may be completely wiped out overnight by a "unforecasted" frost or freeze.
Or even a forecasted event. Frost Blankets are expensive, cover a small area, and can be blown off by even light winds. This Spray on Foam can be applied for a fraction of the cost of industry known frost protection.

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