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A new variable angle locking screw system for fracture treatment

[Category : - HEALTH]
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We have developed a new variable-angle locking system of the screw in the plate for the fracture treatment. It is especially difficult to achieve a secure locking system on thin plates. Such thin plates we use for fracture treatment of the hand, foot, maxillofacial surgery or for fixation to the cervical spine through anterior approach and any other body region where we need such thin plates. Of course, the system is applicable to all board thicknesses. It is a well known, only large companies have locking systems with variable angle, of course, all that locking systems are under patent protection, which gives them special value. But, at the same time, very few companies have its own variable angle locking system for a thin plate. The big advantage of the new system is simple and cheap production. We have completed a number of mechanical tests in an experimental mechanics lab and compared with a variable angle locking system from another reputable company and you can find these results in the patent document.