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Remarkable, Unique way to hold Inflatables from Flying Away

[Category : - OTHER- AMUSEMENT SPORTS- Toys and games]
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An 'NDA' is need for total details on this invention. Many Inflatable amusements have taken to the sky's in strong winds, sometimes with 'Young Unsuspecting Participants' in side. More than a 100,000's of these Inflatable structures are used every year - with little or No protection from winds that can exist or develop on a clear day. This invention can be retro fitted to any Inflatable (or Tent) at a fraction of the cost compared to almost all Inflatable structures. Those that use these Inflatable structures are MUCH safer. Insurance companies would benefit greatly (including those that own or rent)
(Patent Pending) by; Bleu Goo

Financial information

There is no reason the Insurance industry would not require this invention on ALL inflatable structures, as well as, the tent industry.
True Story; We were contacted (by Accident) by a salesperson that wanted to sell insurance for inflatable structures, after explaining we had this 'Proven' idea/invention for increasing the safety of the Inflatable and Tent industry, The comment was made "do you want buy insurance or not".
We are sure the insurance industry would like to know but, not the salesmen for the insurance!
We are confident rates would drop, saving millions of $ but, more importantly, lives would be saved.

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