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The turbine. There are two types of hydraulic pumps

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(11)I suggest a turbine without blades, it is a cylinder with recesses on the body, with which the turbine rotates, gas or steam under pressure, and not blades, which are expensive and difficult to perform. My proposed turbine can be made of composite materials, which is cheaper and more reliable. It can be used in marine, power plants, installations.

(12)I suggest using the Archimedes screw as a pump for pumping liquids under pressure or as a hydraulic pump. The difference from the usual Archimedes screw is that the thread depth on the screw I offer gradually and smoothly decreases, which allows you to gradually increase the pressure in the liquid passing through the thread.
(12) I offer a cone, screw, hydraulic pump, for pumping liquid under pressure or as a hydraulic pump. In the liquid passing through the thread of the conical screw auger, from a larger diameter to a smaller one, the pressure gradually increases, which allows the pump to be used for pumping liquids or for hydraulic systems.

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