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Shoes with automatic laces

[Category : - Beauty, clothes & personal articles- Footwear]
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You probably know or can find NIKE technology with automatic lacing on the Internet, but! Their technology is based on electrical components, and my technology is based on a mechanical shoelace drive (I'll leave a link to the video at the end). Such a solution is more environmentally friendly (as is known, chemicals harmful to nature are used in the production of electrical components and batteries), cheaper (the system is very simple, there is nothing superfluous, and also saves the working time of engineers, because you do not need to select settings) and more convenient (you do not need to think about charging, shoe maintenance). In general, my solution may be suitable for budget shoes. I sell the invention in the form of a prototype (made on a 3D printer) with documentation (digital 3D models, description, etc.).
The invention is sold on ebay: Link
And you can watch the video with the description on the youtube website: Link
If you are afraid to follow the links, then on these sites you can find my invention by entering in the search bar: The invention, the prototype of Perfilyev's shoes

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Sale of the invention in the form of a working prototype with documentation

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