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Stud framing guide

[Category : - Tools]
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The Fast Framer is an all in one reusable framing assistant tool which allows the user to frame and build walls, decks & frames just as proficiently as a skilled carpenter. The Fast Framer is designed to provide the user with five skills carpenters possess.

Building a perfectly square frame for the average do-it-yourselfer can be a very frustrating challenge. When The Fast Framer is secured to the connecting framing boards, it ensures a perfectly square frame every time.

With its unique design, framing becomes a hands-free process whether assembling a project on the ground or securing the studs at the standing position. When assembling the studs together, The Fast Framer self-grips onto the 2x4 to steady the board just as a contractor would.

The T-Shape design offers the do-it-yourselfer a self-leveling assistant when fastening the studs to the 16” on center point. Simply guide the center of the stud to the 16” point marked on the frame. From here secure the device to the stud and move it to where the 16” mark can be seen through the rectangular tape measure slot.

Put the second Fast Framer on the other side of the stud to square it in place on both sides of the frame. At this point the user can fasten the studs onto the frame making a square and level frame each time.

The attachment holes allows the user to secure the tool to the joist before positioning the board onto the frame. This eliminates the struggle of holding the board at the precise place before attaching. The self gripping legs can hold lighter boards in place. This feature greatly reduces many frustrations when building decks.

Here is a link for a video explaining The Fast Framer in more detail.