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A device to prevent drunk driving

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Telecommunications- Security and alarms]
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Are your relatives or friends victims of drunk driving?
No one is willing to bear the car accident injuries caused by drunk driving, drug abuse, and fatigued driving, but some people still commit crimes for this kind of behavior.
This device decides the driver’s HRV status to determine if the driver was in the state of drunk driving, drug abuse, or fatigue driving.
If the driver’s mental state was no longer suitable for driving, the device would warn the driver to pull over the car and shunt down the engine.
If the driver didn't listen to the advice, it would call the police.
The police could pursue the car through the GPS location.
This device also allows the driver to inspect the heart rate, HRV, and blood oxygen while in the car and will warn the driver to seek medical attention if the result had any abnormality.
According to my research and analysis, this device is more convenient to use than alcohol locks and is more effective in deterring crimes.
Of course, most people do not actively purchase this device, so my expectation is to force every vehicle to install this device through national legislation.
I just use personal power to using some electronic components to assemble and test not depend on any company or institution.
In fact, overall to say it is still just a patented idea on paper at present.
I hope there have some companies or schools that want to cooperate with me in research.
If you want your relatives or friends can be safe from traffic accidents with this device, please help me to convey this message to some companies or professors who really have willing to help me, thank you.
Meek Chen

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Life is priceless, rely on safety.