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Mobile column plate for cross-fit and occupational therapy

[Category : - Fitness]
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This invention is a mobile column plate with the ability to install a variety of sports equipment including crossfit and TRX. The structure is designed from two steel plates with a thickness of seven mm and dimensions of 300*100 cm. These steel plates on the outer surfaces have edges with a height of 8 cm and in the inner edges with a height of 6 cm. Holes for installing a variety of sports equipment and columns are located on these edges. The height of the bottom of the edges of this column plate in the inner part (6 cm) is because after connecting the two pages of the column by bolts to each other, and when the bottom of this column is connected and filled with various flooring (based on user), the internal edges are well covered to prevent user injuries. In addition, on the floor of this plate, the column stamps are welded to install screw hooks through which the screw hooks are attached to these nuts to connect various types of sports and occupational therapy caches, which can be easily screwed into these nuts if needed from the holes created in the floorings or mattresses of this device. And that's how he practiced with band.rnrnOn the four sides of this device, four adjustable height wheels are installed, which in addition to easy handling, the surface of this column plate can be placed on the ground when using the device and despite the high weight of this device, the movement and slippage of the device can be prevented. This technique and the method used makes this device used at different surface such as grass courts of running tracks, halls with different types of flooring, without the need to install this structure to these surfaces, and if needed, it changed its location in the shortest time.rnrnThis invention was registered on September28/2020 with registration number 102334 and with the international classification number A63B23 in the Iranian Registry of Documents and Real Estate. And it is currently conducting preliminary reviews for international patent registration.
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