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My Easy Sliding Hydroponic Bucket

[Category : - OTHER- Camping and Outdoors - Fishing and hunting]
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The new Sliding5galBuckets can easily be pulled with as lanyard or pushed near the bottom when heavy and while sitting down, making hydroponic gardening easier, quicker and safer, by reducing the burden of awkward lifting and carrying or moving a heavy Great bucket for working with hydroponics at home. One Sliding5galBucket will hold everything needed to grow a green healthy plant. I will take a partner, sale, or lease for the right price. There is also a network of dot coms (4) that goes with the patent.
Is anyone interested.
Email me

Financial information

This is a patented idea on paper. The Sliding5galBucket mold still needs to be made. Can start with an aluminum mold to reduce to starting cost.
I am looking for a license with royalties or another form of partnership. I have use my homemade buckets and they work great in hydroponics. No more back aches.
With the new open market for hydroponics due to the weed, my bucket will be a big hit, and the advertisements for the bucket sides will a hit too.
Also, it is my hope, that this bucket will prevent a child from falling in and drown.,,,,, I need to check!
Someone can make $millions on my SlidingBucket
All names are my trademark,