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automotive anti-glare lighting system.

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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My invention could protect all road users from nighttime glare, while permanently providing each driver with a maximum range of vision. All this at low cost since it does not require more than the use of conventional LED headlights, a control circuit and a vision protection device, implemented using electronically controlled optical materials (such as liquid crystal) in, for example, a special sun visor on the vehicle, or with glasses for the driver, similar to those used in 3D HDTV (Active Shutter Glasses), or superimposed on the vehicle's windshield.
My anti-glare lighting system could replace, improve, or be part of the adaptive headlight system that some companies are currently working on.
Recently (Mar.9, 2021) the USPTO granted me the Patent N°: US 10,940,791 B2.
(I am waiting for the European Patent Office (EPO) to grant me the corresponding invention patent)
Please consider the following:
I think your company could profit from my invention. It would require little investment and a low maintenance cost for the user, also allowing the system to be sold as a simple accessory, to even equip all the vehicles that already circulate on the streets today.
The advantages of my invention are:
1. Simplicity, reliability and low maintenance cost.
2. Greater visibility and range of vehicle lights, even in the presence of traffic.
3. The absence of glare would allow the vehicle to use more powerful and far-reaching lights than those currently used.
Beyond my logical economic aspirations, my desire is to make a contribution to society, since this innovation can save lives, making night driving safer and much more enjoyable.
You can view the patent detailed description and drawings at Link
Said technical description is somewhat extensive because it describes four complete variants of the invention; each self-sufficient to implement the automotive anti-glare lighting system.
I have also developed a demo prototype, with which I can show, if necessary, how the idea works.