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[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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A method for determining an optimality coefficient includes receiving an image including a plurality of pixels. A characteristic function is selected for analyzing the received image. Distribution of the plurality of pixels of the received image is analyzed using the selected characteristic function. The analyzed distribution of the plurality of pixels is compared with a normal probability distribution function. An optimality coefficient value for the received image is generated based on the results of the comparison.
achievement of science: fresh patent
For the first time, machine intelligence began to understand emotion
The invention of the algorithm was recognized by the issuance of a patent on April 27, 2021 under the number 10991082: Link = G & l = 50 & co1 = AND & d = PTXT & s1 = Dichenko & OS = Dichenko & RS = Dichenko.
The effectiveness of this invention is confirmed by surveys in which 2282 people from different countries took part. The scientific results are presented in the article (attached file "Emotional evaluation of images").
The practical significance of the invention is described in the attached file "Practical Application of the Invention". One of the applications has already been implemented: a mobile application has been created based on the patent: Link
Any iPhone or iPad owner will be able to enjoy the fruits of many years of work on this project, which required more than $ 40,000 for its implementation.

Financial information

Potential customers - 28.4 million people (scale up from the survey)

1st year – sales for 7% ~ 2,000,000 people
2nd year – sales for 14% => 2,500,000 USD
3rd year – sales for 21% => 7,600,000 USD

Additional details could be found in the attached file.