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Process for preparing a frozen coconut product

[Category : - Food]
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A process for producing frozen untapped young coconut water inside its carved young tender meat. The packaged frozen young untapped coconut water inside its very own carved young tender coconut meat comprises two freezing steps wherein the prepackaged product is frozen before packaging and sealing in a packaging cup and frozen again in a standard freezer.

Financial information

IQF Young coconut meat and water
Product Description: Young coconuts are 100% natural and obtained from fruit that has been peeled from husk and shell, inspected, cut and peeled, individually quick frozen (IQF) and packed under Good Manufacturing Practices. The coconuts are top quality, volcanic soil-grown without signs of rotting, molding or fermentation. No additives, no added sugar, no preservatives and foreign material free.

Merchandizing peeled young coconut for Retailers: refrigerated with peeled and cut fruits,
or in freezer with frozen berries for smoothies
*Store in open cabinet display chiller or refrigerated air curtain merchandiser
* Place peeled young coconut near fresh-cut mangoes and pineapples in display chiller as people tend to associate these tropical
fruits together.
*Consider showing them in bucket full of ice in front of banana or pineapple display.
*Use peeled young coconut as color break between peeled mangoes & fresh-cut watermelon to show off bright colors of these fruits.
Food Service Options:
• Young coconut slices with Tajin® seasoning (chili, lime and salt) is a popular flavor in Latin American market, also
called Cocos Preparados, or young coconut meat ceviche
*Cocolada or Cocada is young coconut meat/water version of mangonada sprinkled with Tajin® seasoning
* Smoothie in one package of peeled young coconut
* In baked goods young coconut pie is an obvious choice, blended coconut water/meat in fillings and cakes as well.
• Include young coconut meat on a fruit tray or in fruit salad.
• Add young coconut meat slices to your salad or sushi bar; coconut meat topping for vegan pizza
• Young coconut in ice cream for shakes. Young coconut meat & coconut water blend and taste well with dairy products
i.e., milk, yogurt, cheese
Lastly, we want to communicate value. Time and again, the demand for natural and value-added products increases year
after year with growing consumer preference for convenience, authenticity & good-for-you options.
Thank you for considering peeled young coconut!