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Medical complex of liquid breathing.

[Category : - HEALTH]
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Equipment for implementing a new method of liquid breathing using wave biomechanotherapy to create a soliton (a structurally stable solitary wave propagating in a nonlinear medium) in the bloodstream and liquid respiratory mixture.

Financial information

The equipment can be used to eliminate hypoxia due to various diseases, treat pneumonia, oncology, penetrating lung damage, as well as to treat the consequences (complications) of COVID-19 and clean the lungs.
The treatment method was tested, and the predicted results were achieved. The period of effective treatment of pneumonia with this method is from three to four days. Regular cleaning of the lungs (twice a year) will allow for the prevention of oncological and occupational lung diseases, increase life expectancy by 10-20 years. Estimates of the lung cleaning market: more than $ 20,000,000 per million of the population.