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BLU - Quantitative Car Fuel Sensor Live in Litters

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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A device with quantitative and qualitative fuel and liquid
counter. That can be inserted in any car and can be
developed for ships, airplanes, and even homes.
The device sends the information to our BLU application,
where the consumer can have full access to how many
liters he actually consumed in his car at the time of the refuelling,
Preventing fraud, quantity, and types of fuel.

In the future, every car will come with BLU.

BLU is the only sensor that can measure the exact litters that came into the car connect with a phone app, and live at the exact time of the refueling.

Allowing companies and individuals to manage their monthly, weekly, and daily fuel usage.

Financial information

BLU cost / unit: 400 USD

Variable selling price / unit: 694.80 USD

Minimum 20% Net Profit Rate. It can be bigger depending on the investment and volume

More than 5 billion USD in liquid profit in 5 years.

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