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Cross Monitoring by Voiceprint Recognition and Location Tracking

[Category : - SOFTWARES- OTHER- Telecommunications]
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Patent Name: Cross Monitoring Method and System Based on Voiceprint Recognition and Location Tracking. Summary: The invention discloses a cross monitoring method and system based on voiceprint recognition and location tracking, belonging to the field of monitoring systems. The invention collects personal information and voice samples of a monitored individual and constructs a voiceprint model thereof, and collects location information thereof and voiceprint information through a positioning communication device and/or wireless communication network service, which are compared with the stored information in a repository; output a complete report reflecting the human body movement trace and actual non-compliance with the restrictions for a supervisory staff or other person of authority to inspect and evaluate the performance of the monitored individual. The supervisory staff can request and evaluate the statistical analysis report concerning the activity performance of the monitored individual, observe the movement trace and the state thereof, and/or adjust the monitoring scheme thereof according to the performance. The invention realizes the remote location tracking of the monitored individual, also realizes non-contact biological identity recognition of the monitored individual and satisfies the need of remote and non-contact monitoring of the monitored individual. The invention can be widely applied to the non-contact electronic monitoring and identity recognition field.

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