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Digital Interactive/SmartWindows For Autonomous Vehicles

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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A window system for use in a vehicle is disclosed. The window system may include a first layer electrically controlled to fade between states including an opaque state and a transparent state. The window system may include a second layer electrically controlled to display visual imagery on the window, where the first layer and second layer are configured to derive at least a portion of energy for their operation from a solar light source. Interactive SmartWindows for Autonomous Vehicles, with Touchscreen, Face recognition, Video chat, the latest cutting edge technology. The future is here and we highly recommend any Major Car company to contact us if they want a piece of the action. SmartWindow technology for (EV) or Autonomous Vehicles is obviously the missing piece to Autonomy technology. The future of how drivers and passengers travel will change forever with this new patent technology. Our patent covers a family of patents and intellectual properties and about 24 different claims. The time is ripe for this ingenious invention! With the latest liquid solar technology combined with OLED technology glass will amaze any passenger or car owner. The latest electrical UV tinting capabilities, with several different types of digital tinting shades for sensitive eyes to the harsh UV sun light. Forget about traditional window tint film…. every automobile around the world will eventually use our technology.

Financial information

We are hoping to find a serious partner in the Auto industry, Someone Big like Tesla, Mercedes Benz, Lucid, WAYMO, Zoox, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Toyota, Hummer(EV), KiA, Ford, Range Rover, Fisker, etc… to join us as a licensed deal, or outright purchase our brilliant technology for the right price????????? 100% This product will definitely Generate, and grow into a “BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY and Market” without a doubt in the next 2-3 years. By 2023, Interactive SmartWindows for Autonomous Vehicles will be a household name and every private vehicle or Transportation bus, airplanes, boats, and trains will be using this technology guaranteed! Uber, and taxis alike will benefit greatly from this brilliant patent technology. All intellectual properties and claims behind this patent are subject to license or sale. 35%-45% in Royalties if Licensed.