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Central heating control

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Apparatus/method of controlling the temperature in a plurality of zones or rooms according to preset time controlled information stored in a timer controller; the said zones/rooms each being controlled independently. Preferably the control system is for a central heating system 1 having either a combination boiler 2 or a conventional boiler and hot water tank. Preferably the fluid in the heating system is controlled by a timer controller 3 the time cycles associated for each zone which activates pulse operated solenoid valves 2b and thermostatic radiator valves 2a. Remote activation of the heating system may be achieved via internet or telephone signals. Other features of the system may include frost protection, summer mode, holiday mode settings programmed into the timer controller. Features of the controller such as illuminating key buttons could also be provided.

Financial information

this invention allows the heating of individual rooms without heating the whole home.. thus making a saving of the heating and running costs.

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