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Clamp With External Support

[Category : - OTHER]
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The present disclosure describes a clamp used for adherence and securement to a desired object. The clamp has an upper half and a lower half held together by hinges. Opposite the hinges there is a locking mechanism which can be loosened or tightened as necessary. The clamp further has a shaped support designed to support a number of objects including solar lights, flags, poles, signs, rods, and the like. The clamp is designed to fit on existing colonial style and chain link fence structures, however, the clamp can be sized appropriately for the specific need.
I have 2 utility patents, my one patent is good for colonial style fences and my second patent is for the rail of the chain link style fence.
The aluminum fencing industry is an 8 Billion yearly industry. I produced the clamp for the colonial style fence but not the chain link fence. These clamps have numerous decorative options. I am looking for a partner or to sell my Patents.