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[Category : - RENEWABLE ENERGY- Pumps]
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This invention is an gravity pump for moving a liquid from a lower to a higher level, using the gravitational force. Pump is completely ecological and do not produce pollutions and wastes.
It can be used in hydroelectric plants or in pumping water in mines, agriculture or retentions. Gravity pumps can be used to build small gravity power plants, it is cheap and easy to build.

Piston pump used to lift liquids by gravity includes a cylinder (1) connected to an outflow pipe through a check valve and a piston (4). The piston (4) comprises a piston disc (11) and a piston ring (13) with a circular flange (14) in the form of a stud pipe, on which a springy gasket (15) is mounted. A clamp ring (16) is located on said gasket (15), said claim ring (16) being combined with a piston cylinder (5). The piston ring (13) is equipped with supports (24) with forks, in which levers (20) are mounted pivotally and jointly connected to the clamp ring (16) and connected to arms (19) through a joint (17), the arms (19) being pivotally combined with a ring (21) mounted on a threaded rod (25), wherein location of the ring (21) on the rod (25) is set by a first nut (18). The piston ring (13) has slanting supports (22) combined with a second nut (23) screwed on the rod (25). The piston further comprises a cross link (27) having a third nut (26) mounted on guides (32). The piston cylinder (5) has outflow holes in its lower part with dampers (6) that are connected through strands (30) to drum spiral springs (31) fastened to the cylinder (1) edges.

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