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Top Fantasy Themed Online Slots

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The fantasy theme is a popular choice for slot games, there is no other theme which manages to capture people’s imaginations as much - learn more :-Link

What is Fantasy?

Fantasy is an incredibly popular genre of speculative fiction, it deals with issues and themes that are applicable to the real world but uses an improbable and heightened setting, with fictitious scenarios and characters. The fantasy genre is often seen as a genre which helps people ‘escape’ their lives, they can perfectly visualise the imaginative worlds that have been created by writers.

Fantasy themed slots have proved to be incredibly popular with players, creating a new level of immersion into slot gaming.

Players can expect to see a host of recognisable fantasy character archetypes when using a fantasy themed slot. These characters include dragons, wizards, fairies and even elves!

Top Fantasy Themed Slots

There are a variety of fantasy themed slots that players can choose from.

? Pixies of the Forest was developed by IGT and it features mythical creatures such as pixies and fairies. The sound design and graphics perfectly capture the atmosphere of this slot, adding to the enchanting and mysterious feeling. Gameplay wise, the slot is simple to play and offers wilds and free spins.

? Jack and the Beanstalk is based on the classic fairy tale and it was developed by NetEnt. This slot truly shines when it comes to it’s design, with 3D graphics and wonderful animations that help bring the fantasy world alive. The slot also offers scatters, wilds and free spins!

Similar Themes

Fantasy is such an all encompassing genre, there is actually a lot of crossover. If you fancy playing a slot with a theme that is similar to fantasy but different enough to be its own thing, check out some of the themes below.

1. Greek mythology - Although not fantasy in the strict sense, this theme shares a lot of similarities. Characters such as Loki and Odin form character archetypes that are typical in fantasy themes and the two themes share similar design traits.

2. Historical slots - Many historical slots are a great alternative to fantasy themed slots, after all it is said that truth is stranger than fiction! Most historical slots aim to be somewhat accurate to their time period so don’t expect dragons to show up, however these slots also have the ability to transport players to a different world, much like fantasy themed slots.

3. Superhero themes - It is hard to go anywhere without seeing superheroes of some kind, superhero themes are a great alternative to fantasy themes because they are so similar. Many superheroes origins take their inspiration from classic fantasy literature, the biggest difference being that superhero adventures are set firmly in the modern day! If you want to experience a modern kind of fantasy themed slot, then look no further than super hero themed slot games.

In Summary

The fantasy theme is incredibly popular with players, slots which use this theme manage to create imaginative and immersive worlds which people enjoy.

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