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The present invention relates to high frequency transformers. In particular, but not exclusively, embodiments of the present invention relate to high frequency, high power density transformers for DC/DC converters and DC/AC inverters for applications including, but not limited to, renewable energy power conversion systems, electric vehicle (EV) charger including fast charging station, switching mode power supplies (SMPS), uninterrupted power supply (UPS), and DC power supply for communication systems, data center and aircraft or spacecraft.
The patented HF magnetic components have several advantages due to its unique structure. These advantages include better magnetic coupling, lower leakage inductance, lower power loss, lower parasitic capacitance, lower skin effect and lower proximity effect.
Also, with the introduction of the world’s first shielding integration to reduce the coupling capacitance in magnetics, the application is beneficial from the elimination of the electromagnetic interference in high frequency operations.
The Invention possesses many technological advantages over traditional transformers such as smaller size and light weight, higher efficiency, lower power loss, less copper materials and a unique structure design that leads the current world power supply transformer market, particularly the coaxial transformer can fill the gap of high frequency and high power transformer above 20kW at 100kHz+.