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Device and Method for Creating Partial Cuts in Food Products

[Category : - Food- Cooking]
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A device for creating partial cuts, such as transverse spiral cuts, into an elongated food product, such as hot dogs, frankfurters, and wieners, the device having an upper housing section with at least one top blade and a lower housing section with at least one bottom blade, wherein closing the top housing on top of the lower housing with the elongated food product inside allows the top blades and the bottom blades to partially cut through the elongated food product creating a helical groove pattern around the outer surface of the elongated food product while leaving an inner core intact. The device may also have guide channels to guide a skewer through the inner core for easy removal of the food product from the housing. The device can also be provided as a kit with skewers, modified tongs, and a heating unit to cook the food product in the housing.

This invention was created to simplify an already-proven food preparation event. Spiral-cutting of hotdogs provides increased surface area for grilling effect (improving taste) and also provides convenient recesses into the hotdog for the addition of condiments literally inside the hotdog.

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