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AMER-WEED-CA #90147139

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Experts believe Intellectual property will playing an increasingly important role in cannabis industry acquisitions and other deals as businesses look to get a leg up on rivals by purchasing or investing in companies holding valuable patents, trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks.
At some point the marijuana industry will be inundated with dispensaries, facilities, grow houses and black market dealers, but one thing that will separate one from the rest is a great brand name.
AMERWEEDCA, is a brand name that will increase value through IP by differentiating itself from competitors and make a businesses more attractive for acquisitions and other transactions.
When someone thinks of cigars, they think of Cuba, when someone thinks of beer they think Germany, When someone thinks of rum, they think of Jamaica. As such, when someone thinks of weed, they will think of AMERWEEDCA. America is number one in sports, entertainment and weed. What better way to showcase to the world and capitalize on this concept.
The importance of IP/trademark was highlighted in two recent deals:
Ireland-based Jazz Pharmaceuticals announced in February it was buying GW Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest medical cannabis businesses in the world, in a $7.2 billion deal. A subsidiary of cigarette maker British American Tobacco (BAT) announced this month it was taking a nearly 20% stake in Canadian cannabis producer Organigram in a deal valued at 220 million Canadian dollars ($175 million).
BAT and Organigram plan to develop the core intellectual property to be used in the creation of cannabinoid-based products and delivery systems.
AMERWEEDCA is looking to partner with an existing dispensary and use the name AMERWEEDCA on it packaging.

My name is Mark Yulee. I am the CEO of AMERWEEDCA. I am in the process of creating a start-up company that I feel has the potential to be on the same level as ANHEUSAR-BUSH, ALTRIA GROUP, PHILLIP MORRIS, FUBU, NIKE, FABLETICS, UNDER ARMOUR or Baby Phat just to name a few. AMERWEEDA can cover an array of possibilities clothing apparel, cigarette packaging, wine etc…. The clothing line will be the first priority in establishing the brand. Marijuana smokers used to be shameful, but with new legislation and decriminalization around the corner, self-esteem about using will be a thing of the past.
FUBU and and Baby Phat has a strong hip-hop fan base. Both have a strong following, but AMERWEEDCA crosses both hip-hop and rock and roll genres.”Should a customer wear my “AMERWEEDCA” attire, he/she could be a nerd or rapper, as the term the product crosses an array of users. My favorite part of the company is that “History repeats itself”. Like alcohol during the prohibition, this concept will do well like companies that flourished then like Molboro, Benson and Hedges, Pall Mall to name a few.
“In this day in age of the chaos in America, there is a need for calm and Yulee feels marijuana is what will create that calm. I would like to build this company from the ground up or license this product to be sold to companies like Tech-style Fashion Group or companies similar i.e. FUBU or Nike.
The Hip-Hop community would be particularly interested in the AMERWEEDCA. Historically in the fashion world, if you can capture the Hip-Hop industry, a strong fan base will follow. My target market has the potential to generate up to $167,000,000 in sales in the U.S. alone in year 1. These numbers are realistic. At it pinnacle, FUBU had netted $350 million in sales through 5,000 retail stores: eventually grossing more than $6 billion globally reaching the hip-hop world. According to its 2018 annual report, Nike generated about $36.4 billion in revenues 2 years ago, or just under $16 billion in gross profit. This record revenue for the company marks a 6% increase over 2017 figures reaching the athletic world.
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