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Golden Ratio Desktop Toy Wheel

[Category : - Toys and games]
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IT is a brand new UK Patent pending PHYSICS based wheel, a bit like Newton's Cradle, using the GOLDEN RATIO and the FIBONCCI SPIRAL to design a single rim wheel, artfully twisted ,the shape of which resembles a flower with multiple petals, rotating on an axle, with five balls rolling separately in separate petal shape twisted rims of battery powered wheel as it rotates on its axle.
IT can be used, just like the Newton's Cradle, as mental relaxation in CEO'S offices, boardrooms, in homes, and scaled up in size for displays in shops' promotions, billboards and funfairs.

IT may, very likely, be used in some form of mechanical utility, as a SELF-ROTATING WHEEL, which has not been looked into yet.

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