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Regarding: ‘Multi Air Pump’/ pneumatic actuator


We have the pleasure to introduce our new revolutionary product: a pneumatic actuator.

The ‘Multi Air Pump’ is a multifunctional product able to exert an adjustable straight-line force without external power supply.

An example of an application of the ‘Multi Air Pump’ is a joiner’s clamp (‘sergeant’) which is traditionally operated manually, however with the ‘Multi Air Pump’ the clamping takes place by pushing the button.

There are multiple other applications for which the ‘Multi Air Pump’ can be used/operated (see attachment).

Patent Number: PCT / IB2019 / 050131

One specific application can be seen in the video on YouTube : Link
or on our website Link

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With best regards
Armen Sargesjan CEO IDPro

A pneumatic actuator (240), comprising: a pressure reducer (270) for delivering gas under a reduced pressure to a control valve; the control valve (280) selectively supplying gas to a pneumatic cylinder (290) or discharging gas from the cylinder (290) to the environment; a replaceable gas capsule (260) for supplying the gas under increased pressure; where the actuator has a first mode of operation for moving the piston (293) to the extended position, and has a second mode of operation for retracting the piston (293). A method for assembling a pneumatic actuator. A portable tool, a clamping device, a screw clamp comprising such a pneumatic actuator. A method for assembling the screw clamp. A method for repairing the screw clamp.

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